Written by: elizabeth lepapa

Misplaced pieces of my heart, rooted in land of emptiness, miles away to reach my pain, They muted their ears to my cry, Even when I wrote in the sky, They turned a blind eye. Since nativity, I breath beneath nightmares, And live in seclusion When I tried a normal life, I was left alone in silence, Invisible to everyone, You can’t find me in the light, My soul shines only in the dark, Am better dead than walk with nightmares, A path of death I choose, A time of truth I face, I closed myself in that web, But pain raped me intensely, Voices outraging sanity, The air blocked my liberty, Now I accept this grave of mine, This my last walk with nightmares, For I choose sweet death without fear, The poison froze all my tears, Currently am in love with death, Its sweeter than enduring this pain, Set me free creatures of vile, A path of death, I chose as wealth, Dig my soul deep, Paint me in scars of crime, For I chose death, Than this ache.