A Spiders Plight

Written by: Michelle Lacey

I've been called itsy bitsy,
and it's true I am quite small.
But that's just in relation,
to you, who are quite tall.

No one stops to realize,
how hard my life can be,
I'm an itsy bitsy spider,
Matilda, that is me.

A hairy back and eight long legs,
sometimes I get the blues,
especially when I have to find,
four matching pairs of shoes.

I spin and weave my web,
it's my home, it's where I stay,
then you with broom or vacuum,
sweep or suck my home away!

I have no fridge or freezer,
I eat no eggs or cheese.
My web it snares my supper,
of flys, ants, moths and bees.

Sometimes I am quite lonely,
I haven't many pals.
You boys all try to squish me,
and I terrify the gals!

But I will not try to bite you,
I don't mean you any harm.
And if you'll stop to chat with me,
I'll turn on all my charm.

So the next time that you see me,
or one of my many kin,
instead of shooing us away,
why not invite us in?

By~Michelle Lacey