Written by: Justin Rowberry

No way out one way in My pulse is wearing thin Crudeness, followed by my beaten feet There was a reason for us to meet I tell you now i tell you then I love you, i repeat again and again Cliche is my middle name Fighting to win this wicked game I talk so you shall listen Eyes of pearls begin to glisten Frozen, emotionless you remain You and me i proclaim A choice you soon must make A tragic risk i'm willing to take Follow me and i will show A lifetime you have never known I am here you are there Trust me now it's only fair Believe in me as i believe in you Feel this love it's ever true I am the future he's the past Staying with him will fail to last You deserve an honest man Someone who will know and understand Fates with us not with him I will prove that love can swim Leave that Grinch you hold so dear When you do I'll be waiting here He won't wait unlike me Off in the distance i will be With a rose by a well you will see me stand Across the decaying bridge to wonderland