Written by: charu weera

This weight upon my heart seems too heave to carry
Along this winding road of life,
I keep thinking of you, wondering if you are fine
When you were the one who pushed me away

I want to say a little prayer and want you to be here
To keep away this darkness of my life
I catch myself wondering if you ever realized that 
I was the girl who was always there for you

If I took back those words that I said
Would you still be mine?
If I smiled and took your hand,
Would you be the friend I used to know?
If I gave just another final chance,
Would you be here now to wipe away my tears?

This poem comes straight from my heart
I want to let go and set you free
But these feelings within me are not over yet
The yearning in my heart is taking its toll
I lived for you, believed in you
And what you gave me back was
A broken heart and broken lies
Together with a broken trust