My Mother Taught Me Everything I Know About the Flower

Written by: Terrell Martin

My mother taught me everything I Know 
About the flower, 
From azaleas to zinnias 
And the heavenly golden hours;

Shortly after sun up when 
We sense the world profound; 
And later on when nearly gone, fading 
Fast when stars come ‘round.

She sang and danced with daffodils
And smiled at the scent of a rose;
Gave thanks and praise for the One who made
Periwinkles, poppies and marigolds.

My mother sewed seeds that outwitted weeds
Leaving them withering away;
Of Love-in-a-Mist with her own sweet kiss
She planted on petals each day.

While waiting for gardenias, daisy’s 
And lilacs to arise;
Together we watched as nature taught 
Us to open our eyes.  

To the mystery below the surface, 
The roots deep in the ground;
Water, sky, air connected some-where
Beauty remains unbound.

My mother taught me everything I know 
More true than weeping willows cry;
How color filled buds lift hearts and souls
With sorrowful, tear filled eyes.  

And that living and dying are one and the same
As light is both wave and other;
On the edge of tomorrow where love knows no sorrow 
And flowers bloom bright
With my mother.