Project dreams

Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

Standing here looking out my dirty window at the filthy streets were I live, it’s hard to believe people live here? But they do, I’m living proof that they do…our dreams are the same as the people in the private homes up the street from were I live, it just takes us a little longer to realize our dreams as they do. 

I dream of a nice place to live and a big TV in our living room, I dream of a new car and a new suit or two…no one ever woke up and said I dreamed I was poor. No one rich ever said,” I would give up all I have to fill what it would be like to be poor.” No one rich ever said, “My lobster taste to good, oh I wish I could trade it for French fries and a ghetto burger to eat.” No…we dream of a big house and a white picket fence, and a decent school and a piece of the American dream! No one in the projects were I lived ever wished for lesser things...we all had big ghetto dreams!