Written by: Sanjay Maharjan

Being scared to light the candle,
By seeing the darkness beneath it.
Isn’t it a bit foolish thing to do?
Aren’t we being a bit pessimistic?

Watching the half-filled glass of water,
And wondering, why is it half empty,
Albeit both statements are correct,
But aren’t we, ourselves trying to be unhappy?

In each and every story we hear,
There are two lessons that we can learn.
Isn’t it good to take the happy side?
instead of taking the sad one and mourn?

World is beautiful. we got to know that.
all we have to do is, change the way we see.
Life is short, every second is precious,
Don’t think what we couldn't, think what we can be.

Pain and sorrows both are part of life.
it comes to everyone and so does it goes.
Don’t think that you are the only one that suffers,
Realize there are thorns even in the rose..