Whale songs

Written by: karl marszalowicz

Humpback beauties call to their young
Communicating to calves so precious 
Don't be so immediately audacious
You can wander, just don't go too long

Blubberous parents are there to keep them close
For companionship, warmth and learning 
Send each other many signals, the little one is yearning
Because of the ocean they want to make the most

Eating their fill of plankton and krill
The smaller babe makes a hydro sonic point 
To the older one who loves this oceanic joint
He doesn't want to hurt or kill

The humans who eavesdrop on their descant 
Like some other whales with mammoth choppers
 Accidentally maiming overboard fishermen and surfers 
These watery wonders are appreciated that's all they ever want 

Imbibing benevolent attention only for half a century
Deep sea divers first decided to bring down equipment
When he spoke his special song, they had no idea what the male bull meant
 That day being approached he was so hesitant and on sentry 
Because whalers before had waited for them to breach
The surface for mere minutes finding some oxygen
 Finding instead a foreboding air of danger without question
So reclusive they remain, staying out of reach

Beaching is another danger when whales will cry 
For help they so need it and must be rolled back out
A benign thing on sand dangerously sprawled about
Back into the depths it should be before it go dry

Nature's biggest mammals can never be at rest 
In the wild and bountiful marine, using fluked tales to swim around 
Whales have a lot to say, their stories abound
In civilized society with whale translators today we are at our best

Making compact discs of them, something special we can keep
The arias of the ocean composed of many shores
Whales speak responding in the ripples as prophets do with lore
 It works quite well for some, to lull ourselves to sleep

We should always stay in assonance.