Written by: ifedayo oshin

springs forth with Usain’s sprint
Like thunder it bolts in speed of lightning 
Sullen cold winter lags
Out of breath in nature tracks, it gasps
Nature re-covers with green grin and lily white smile
Bathed with conqueror’s shower, in sunny glory it basks
The grown and growing lightened of season burden
Clothes and caution thrown to the winds
In utter abandon boobs, bras burst loose
Like stray dog willing to make home of anyplace:
Male’s imagination in horror flight
Kindled fire of fiery, unbridled passion
To Eden’s couture, the profligate returns
Guilty as charged, they bare it all in chagrin shame

Was it too cold for comfort 
or better cold than brazen? 

Is this a shameless summer
Or do we invoke a spirit of another icy cold winter?