Pathways Dark

Written by: TROY GREECE

Lazy clouds hang in the sky 
But darkness shrouds their evil play 
They wander here to me this day 

I hear a grumble, not a sigh 
An evil breeze has much to say 
It led me to this place today 

Was just out there she had to die 
I reached for her she pulled away 
You screamed "It's better now this way" 

She didn't even want to try 
Her body sank her life was gone 
No one could search till the next dawn 

She didn't even say goodbye 
She sank and now to all she's gone 
In my mind I still hear her song 

I had no time to even cry 
It was ten years ago today 
I sit here every year and pray 

The darkness now it fills my eyes 
It's come for me at last today 
Soon I will too be on my way