Standing on the edge

Written by: Emma Buckeridge

I cry in the day light
so everybody see's me
falling into grace
so come fall with me
tears are flying home how
catch them as they fall through
falling into space
nothing to hold on to

i scream in the dark night 
for all the world to hear me
playing your hard games
roll a six maybe
tears have spread their wings now
catch them as they come through
mind is playing tricks again
I take the dice and roll too

Blank tears in the day light
no one else can see me
falling to my knees 
so come fall with me

Cracked and smashed this picture frame
These memories are sure to fade away

Don't throw it all
got too much to lose
Standing on the edge of this beautiful moon

(on the edge is where i sit now, nothing left, but the moon in your eyes)

written 25th may 2005
Copy right 2011