Written by: jeffry cohan


I see a great deal of people who are blessed to smile
And say things such as “I’m going on vacation for awhile”
Hell, I find these people vile

Now why would I use such a nasty word such as vile?
Perhaps because, as well, I am revolted by their style
I’ll give one my ragged shoes and let one walk in them for a mile

Oh but they’re so well quaffed and  their clothes are fresh and clean
But man, I’ll tell you, they need to see some of the things which I’ve seen
You know, from the other side of the tracks where the grass is Kelly  green

“Oh yes," she loudly whispers, "we are going on a cruise”
S**t, alert the g-d damned f*****g news
And I’d like to leave their faces with multi-marks of blacks and blues

So bon voyage you vile and vociferous crowd
And why must saying good bye on a ship be so loud?
Oh, because as they pull away from the dock they all feel so proud

And I know they made a promise and to me took a vow
Yet the universe knows that I ain’t going no place nor no how
Not ever, and certainly not now
So I hope a huge tanker rams into their stately ship’s bow
               © 2011.….Phreepoetree    ~free cee~! 
With one hundred and twenty passengers, enough life boats and only eighty eight life preservers, then let these high society slave owners discover what anarchy is all about, and a disturbance similar to the kind I’ve been battling  against since 1967(