Keep Going My Dear

Written by: Pushpendra Mahajan

When Sun shines Bright,
And Opportunities grace your Sight;
Get going my dear
For chances are like drops of dew,
They last for a seconds few.

When perilous clouds darken your view,
And defeat looms large on you;
Keep going my dear
For this might be a passing phase,
Darkness shall soon give in to Sunny Rays.

When success kisses your feet,
And you savour the moments sweet;
Dont stop, Keep going my dear
For success might be a feat hard to attain,
But even harder it is to sustain.

Life is a race, So long,
With hurdles to stop you all along,
But Keep trying and keep going in life my dear
For your efforts shall reap benefits one day,
And you shall complete the race in a Triumphant way.