A Chat

Written by: Jack Ross jr.

I just thought perhaps we could have a chat over some coffee
my friend. There are some things that I want you to know. If you
ever need someone to talk to I will always be there for you to
share. I'm a good listener and I truly care. If you are feeling down
or blue, I will be the one you can always come to. I wil do my best
to cheer you up, console, encourage, optomize, never criticize. Share
a smile, tell you how much you are worth while, brighten up your
day, share a story, a warm memory.

Everything you say will be confidential, no need to worry, will not
betray you, will guard it like a treasure, not tongue-wagging, be true 
to you. If you have a problem I will understand, help in anyway I can.
I have problems of my own that we can share, try to help each other out,
might compare, analyze, epitomize, formulate a plan, find a solution to
help both you and me.

Never hesitate to seek me out, give me a call, stop by, leave a note, my 
door and my heart are always open for you. Never worry or doubt this
promise I give to you, I am true to my word. To listen, to help, care, share,
be there for you, brings me joy, a treasure that none other could bring 
me more pleasure.