One Day

Written by: Gracie Bawden

Twenty four viscous chimes
We moved irrationally quick
Like nymphs through the woods
Fruit bats from branches
We swung
The leaves spread around us 
Like green glass wings

The cuckoos strained their necks
To catch sight of us
Cheated, they clung to the hands
Which moved around regardless

Above us, umbrellas 
of bronze
and green
and silver
trapped us perfectly in Eden
And on the ground diamonds
Of sunlight
Across the folds and creases
Of red

You lay me down
And love did not wait for time
For time did not love it
Love did not grow
Sprouting through the mud
A fragile young thing
love did not trickle meekly 
Through the stream which ran
Along side our eager bodies

It erupted through our souls
Knotting and un-knotting  
Like an angry ocean
You and I proudly astride
A rebel wave
Making its way back to shore
And the cuckoos looked on