Written by: ayo okpaku

Akward things i need to unravel
things that i think of,and begin to marvel
like why,i have a big belly button as a narvel
and why a house is built with sand and gravel.

why, i have to faast and then to eat some food
why i have to smile and have to look good
why,i always have to do the things i should
and why,sometimes i dont just fall in the mood

why i have to laugh and cry
why, i am to tell the truth and then supposed to lie
why is Gods name, do i keep asking WHY? 
and i had to buy a bird which dosent even fly

why,i have to read,why i have to write
why i should know what is wrong or right
why, i was warned,not to ever get into a fight
and why, i had never learned how to fly a kite

why, i have to work and why i have to play
why, the world wont listen to what i have to say
why that naughty dog keeps sleeping on the hay
and why,when i ride a swing i must always pay

why, i have to live and bang
why, i have to speak "them" slang
why,for the breakfast i have two fangs
and why, that very song is always sang.

                                                ......JUST THINKING