Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

Perhaps you can tell me
What does it mean,
I was not asleep
I did not dream.

The house was quiet
There wasn't a sound,
I was alone in the room
It was just before dawn.

Then came a light
With a crimson glow,
I layed very still
I didn't want it to go.

I always ask favours
Of the one up above,
I'll try to do better
And give much more love.

I ask for small blessings,
And to keep in good health
I ask for good friends
And a small bit of wealth.

And on this dark morning
Two words I did hear,
The words "I promise"
Still ring in my ear.

Where did they come from
These words soft and low,
I don't want to explain it
But I think that I know.

Lynn Barany