Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

She came to visit quite often
A girl much younger than me,
I was there when she was born
And gave a party when she turned three.

She was always at my house
As a teen I watched her weep
When she sat at the kitchen table
And stated"This baby I can't keep"

At the age of twenty
When she married the wrong man,
I tried to be her best friend
And said "I understand."

Then at the Christmas party
When she was twenty nine
I was there when she passed out
From drinking too much wine.

I noticed most days after that
Her eyes were full of tears
I held her head when she got sick
From drinking too much beer.

Just tonight she called me
She had important words to say
"Guess what" were the words she used.
I've been going to AA.

Her heart was truly breaking
But she said the time has come,
I want you to be proud of me
Because "I Love You Mom"

Lynn Barany