The echo in my ear

Written by: Moses Ombuge

By Ombuge Moses

Covered is my body
Cold be my feet
My heart wonders
I have no one by side
The world is so cold
Mean are the people
Humble they look
Animal in behavior
My body so cold

Where to start
Where to go
How to go
Orphan I look
Orphan I am 
I was happy
Family house full
Warm to neighbor
Business was my mother
Father different tribe
We share blood
Weapon to kill
My people dead gone
Forever an orphan

They came night
Whistling, my father ran
To banana plantation
My mother rapped
My sisters 11, 14
Weapon inserted
To death they wail
The echo in my ear
My hand chopped
Agreed not to kill
My father belongs
The tribe of killers

I son spared
Represent the family
No hand to wipe
Tears and blood
I weep in pain
My father belongs
Ran to banana plantation
Well is the wisher
Covered my body
Cold are my feet
Reason the vote
Cause big man
I the voter
His house so warm
The happening on TV
Comfort of his room
Warm are his feet
For me is death
Peace has gone
My heart to wonder