Double Dog Dare Girl

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

Lost a double-dog-dare bet with my best friend Mack
After the coin toss I headed home to pack

One road map, 20 Cliff bars, and a spare tire atop my bike rack
We pedaled from the Great American Ball Park to Jacob’s Field –that’s a fact!

Sweltering heat, semi-trucks, and a s-c-a-r-y dog attack,
I sprayed a beagle with Mace threatening to eat him for a snack

In Amish country Mack wrecked while grabbing a camera from his sack
Anytime he’d blow a tire I’d fix it—that was my knack

By the time we’d reached Perrysburg it was completely pitch black
Feathers flying everywhere, all I heard was a loud Q-U-A-C-K!

After 280 miles…, sunburned…, and a near heart attack…
Hard Rock Café, Cleveland,….beer and burgers smothered in Pepper Jack!

For Carol Brown's Contest -Ornery Best Friends
By Gwendolen Rix

( This is a true story! June 2007. Mack has been one of my best friends since kindergarten and our competitiveness never ends! )