Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

So you want to be an angel?
The good Lord said to me,
Do you think it will be easy
To be spiritual and free?

He said "I guess we'll try it"
So he sent me here to live,
He told me I would learn a lot
On how to take, and how to give.

He set up many hardships
That I really must endure,
He made sure I wasn't rich,
He made sure that I was poor.

He didn't give me good looks,
He didn't make me smart,
He just gave me the very basics
To go ahead and start.

It's been many years
That he's let me stay around,
He hasn't called me home as yet
He's seen me smile, he's seen me frown.

I often stop and think 
Have I passed the angel test,
Have I done all I can
Have I tried my very best?

And when he calls me home
Sometime late at night,
Will he send me back again
Until I get it right?

Or will he let me have my wings,
My halo gold, and bright,
Will I get to wear that lovely gown
That gown of Angel White......

Lynn Barany