Two Mongooses

Written by: FABIYAS M V

The clumsy beauties come knitted to the yard,
Slithering on the dewy glassy grass,
As usual.
Two mongooses in natty brown coats
Are looking for the fare scrap, if any thrown out.
The dawn window creaks as it opens its eye,
And Master Babu darts out to enact
His typical character with stones.

Forgiveness is their emblem, the mongooses
Return in the dawns, making Babu busy.
As these brown emperors reign among shrubs,
Serpents keep miles away: the brown saviours.
But Babu stoops to the pelting raptures,
Then the mongooses retreat into the chinks.
Yet, their presence is felt in the intermittent shriek.

The wild plants nod and one mongoose comes without
Its mate this dawn, "Where is the other?”.

Babu dashes out, but picks not stones up.
Every hole and every nook in and out the yard,
Master Babu seeks on.But he returns in fatigue,
Scuffling his shoes on the back of despair.
Next days also, he seeks the missed like a man.

Thus he seeks and grows…………………….