Garden of Narcissus

Written by: Johnny Sumler

In every direction that the wind blows
The bulbs of the narcissus bulge and bloom
In all of latitude doth the wind grows
Brushing its floral leaves, dost the wind groom

For acres the narcissus flowers loom
Abroad earths garden in a village where
Anglican Nuns approached the natives there

Of black habit, the garment that they wore
Hid everything except their nose and eyes
Now of great faith, the Nuns, in all were four
Gave praise from hour to hour 'til darkened skies

Thus of their faith, a cherished noble prize
Of glory in the power they would mend
The land amongst an atmospheric wind

Slicing into the spring the sun would shed
His light unto earths dark exploited trail
As nature, bathed in beauty, blew and spread
Throughout the village like an handsome male

Faces revealed, the Nuns removed their veil
Seduced by sensuality they saw
And vanity the narcissus would draw

Johnny Sumler
Rhyme Royal