dream on

Written by: Oluwatomisin Oyegoke

I see myself first class relaxing in my own plane
Having my own estate walking with pride down my own lane
With fields and servants working on my plantation of sugarcane
Then all will bow to me even that silly boy in my class....Lexy Kane
My siblings are at it again, they just shouted "dream on!"
I wish i was a Sheiks first son
No siblings at all...OK to play with maybe just one
With maids and bodyguards till even after the sunlight is gone
Again they said it! "dream on!" 
That i will definitely do
At some point,some place, possibly the zoo
I'll figure out a way
To ensure come what may
My dreams are realized
And my company will be prized
Important things discussed and spoken on
Instead of my sisters irritating "dream on!"