A Letter From A Tramp

Written by: Akash Yadav

To Whomsoever It May Concern, (It concerns me nought) This is just for me to keep A track of the tricked mind's inmost-- A gist of sufferings I ever got-- All Happiness I discern. I never stood for a loss-- I'm moving everyday-- Those about call me a 'Ruffian', A 'Mongrel', a 'Vagrant', A 'Tramp', they say Who's lived a life of low for a no-fair cause, But I care not: Care not I, 'cause I am free-- Not bound like everyone Of these 'Worldly-wise' Caged and tied-up In their own misery... I go about living this life The way it's meant for all to live: Often taking( I never stole ) What I need, from where I can-- Giving when I can give... And I say, I may not have A house to own-- A dwelling place sojourn; I may not have brand-new clothes-- The shoes I wear are worn; Even so, I may not be A grand face to look at-- Far from the gentleman-ly acts With branded stick and hat: It's a fulfillment and content for me, Just being a street rat.. Under this tree right now, and beside these rocks, I sit to explain a life-- A life in my own walks-- Unlike a Hermit, who'd spend his everyday, I waste not a moment To slouch or reflect-on in dismay. Only that I see this world and it's things As a bait for me, So I'm fulfilled and content-- Happy a rat to be... So far so fine--if the World's not mine-- I wouldn't then respond To the bait set in the Trap. Signing--The Vagabond.