FINGERS - The Way they are

Written by: Subhabrata Ghosh Chowdhury

Have you ever thought other than cutting nails and applying cosmetics on them?
Well it is these fingers in your hands.

Fingers pokes and points and enter the realms of your mind.
They shows us the way
And gear up for a punch to keep trespassers at bay.

They indeed stand tall,
Like a brave soldier who vowed never to fall.
But if pointed at someone, others deal it with a negative eye.
But as the Mahatma says,” An eye for an eye makes the world blind”,
This is what everyone fails to decipher that after all it is these fingers that helps us in the ties that makes us bind.
The precursor to every happening is sighted by them at first and then the rest.

They point at the sky promising a beloved to bring her stars and moons,
They bring hope when kept on other’s finger.
They begin a new beginning when they are clasped together with their counterpart.
They tie; they break, building a new array of high hopes with no chokes.
But they don’t ask for anything more,
It is only you who needs to feel the worth of their existence,

Dreams are real though,
These fingers are real, since, they are as we see them to be.