I was wrong Prince Charming is Gone

Written by: Glenna Heflin

Prince Charming I was thirty eight years old, When you came to me God said, you were so bold “ your help mate I was to be” You were forty-two years old. And a mighty Prince Charming I see, I became obsessed with my love for you, I really thought you were Gods choice for me Things were good for a year or two. Then Prince Charming became a shrew. Started eyeing other and women anew, Started treating me like an old shoe. I really thought you was God’s man so I stayed with you. I gained weight, you were ashamed to be seen with me. No more companionship, just ears to listen To your sermons supposedly from God to you and for me. Now you are sixty six and, I’m sixty three We grew apart because of this, and now we do not agree. You filed for a divorce today because you can no Longer tolerate me. My heart feels so sad I don’t know How I can ever be free, of the love you once professed for me. God is the only True Love for me now for the rest of my life He will be My one and only True Love you see. By: Glenna Freeman 5/23/2011 edited contest Lost and found 8/24/11