Earth Garden

Written by: mary abdali

A wonderful place,this earth is a garden
a playground for the earthchildren
with merry go-rounds for excitement  and fears,
A swing without restraints for those who dare,
a rusty bench for some to watch others and entertain,
flowers with fluorescent radiance of colors of life,
Sweet musky fragrance of the first pure rain,
chirp of birds, all genres of music it embeds,
the ever green cashmere carpet ,free for all to walk and rest,
Royal ceiling of blue and white,holding a shelter, the roof of our nest,
a small pond with clearest water, that never goes dry,
a hill  on the corner for those who dare to fly,
The garden is pure, its bounties can never get less
For those who are thankful,
for those who complain,
Its free for all,only a few can admire,all enjoy the earthgarden nevertheless.