Written by: sabastin gunner

I keep having the same dream..You and I together standing face to face the whole world around us. 
As i stand and look at you My eyes can not deny the beauty which they see. 
We move towards one another our spirts grasping at each others as if trying to pull us closer, faster they are entertwined long before I have you in my arms.
Our hands meet first palms flat facing each other they touch as a whole I can feel the softness of your skin the love in your touch I can feel everything as our fingers grasp to help lock us as one. 
I can not look away from your face as we move closer, your lips are my island your eyes are my world, sweet paradise. 
Our bodies are in tight embrace  arms around each other we grasp behind each other necks one hand to pull us gently into each other. 
I feel your lips before I touch them I feel the shared breath between us fill my lungs with you as you flow through my body.
Our lips touch like two beings seperated long ago they instantly become one. 
As we kiss the world sways turns faster around us sending this message to all points to all who see this is real and all understand it..