Written by: Prince Ekpemandu

Everyday i have different fantasies

Sometimes it's all i can see

I love to think of it as my world of impossibilities

In  which my adventures are like infinity

I can be whosoever i want to be

Without no one disturbing me

The power of imagination is in my hands

Which i use to set up all my plans


Am in the world of my pleasure

Where my achievement cannot be measured

I would walk on water

I would even fly on wings to Canada

Even if i wander

I can never get lost

Because all that is there was brought by my course


A place were i can practice all my desires

Even due some of them would be like playing with fire

but i don't get burnt

Due it looks very impossible

Could be in the mood of planning some mischievous plot

that i can do without getting cut

These are the fun you get when you are living in you own world

And all the shots are pulled by your own words


The power of my imagination is fully activated

I just think and i would see what i have created

It could be beautiful or ugly

but am not worried because it would be seen by me only

By the blinking of my eyes i create

And by the flick of my finger it fades


I wish every one could see what a great world i have

Sometimes i wish all these things could come alive

So sorry that they can not view which me

The world that i have created,that's my fantasy

They can hear but can't not see it

They can try,but cannot be exact

because it a world of wonder

Not for them to ponder

Because it is my world an its meant for only me to wander