I will always love you

Written by: Kristina Gilpin

As I lay here with covers over my head
Hiding from the world 
Listening to the rain hit my window 
My eyes starting to feel heavy
I haven't slept in days
From missing you
You said we would grow old together 
But Now I'm left here growing old by myself
What happen to forever
After you said you promise
You would never leave me
Now I lay here broken
With Memories of us 
Lay heavy on my heart
You crushed ever dream and hope 
I had for us 
When you spoke those three words
It's Over
I wonder How that made you feel 
Was you happy that you hurt me 
Or did it hurt you too
I guess I will never know
Sense you ant telling
Guess this is goodbye forever
But always rember I Will Always Love You.