Reminiscence of Two Souls

Written by: Expressive Child

Here on earth, we were two souls..
in this world damned and old..
but we were bound to meet...
and be true companions indeed,.
Two plants that grows in a seed,.
to endure harshness and pain...

 You were a wise men that grows,
and I was a fool that doesn't know,
We were fighters if you remember..
a team made of merely each other,
We were a duo that's undefeated...
so fair to say we are undisputed..
But I was more than just a fool,
I took your kindness for granted..
and our friendship I have tainted..
as I recall all the wrong I've done,
and it reflects what I've become...
someone so blue and lonesome..
Time passes like the howling wind,
my life was filled with guilt and sins..
I never knew you were always there,
for I am blinded from those who care,
no shelter for me when I'm scared...
to say it's my own doing is just fair..
But still I was blessed with union..
as the mercy of time has shown..
through the tides that reunites us..
Once again we are in our circle... 
age and tears has changed our lives,
as we enter the world of manhood...

Yet we possess a deep compassion..
that blooms in our hearts long ago...
It's something that's beyond mortality..
as for me, it's food to my dying soul...
and warmth for my world so cold....
Perhaps the only reason I feel blessed..

But too short is this joyful moment..
for a journey to afar you were bound..
I wish I'll see you in the lost and found,
for I long to know you're safe and sound..
My tears were overshadowed by the night,
the emotion so strong within I can't fight..

Atlas I can only utter all my laments...
for it's me who wasted all the moments..
that was simply meant for our reminiscence...
those days of childhood and innocence...
I adore those days that we have shared,
but now emptiness fills this room so bare..

Now it's only your words that I recall..
with the kindness you possess deep within,
Harshness I've suffered for all my sins..
and you were there standing as my kin,
The distance between us is no divide,
for I felt my heart close to you always..
My soul yearns to walk into your mind,
and see all the thoughts I couldn't find..

I dedicate these words to my one friend..
that perhaps from heaven you were sent...
I have acquired the strength that you gave,
for it's my worthless life you have saved..
Never forget the day that we were one..
It's a promise we have said and done..
Those words I etch to my delicate heart..