Why Are Fish Blinded To The Deck

Written by: mourning mist

                                                          Makes a
                                                      Rash choice
                                                  With what it eats.
                                                Attracted at times to
                                            Gobble slimy worms that
                                           Hang on a rusted hook that
                                         Leads to being pulled on deck,
                                       For its’eventual demise. It makes
                                    You wonder why it never recognized
                                  The string that was attached to that hook
                                       That caught it in its’grasp as a trap.
                                           Swimming in blue waters of a
                                              Better choices to put inside
                                                  Its’ mouth that are full
                                                     And healthy for all
                              Its’needs. But still                  swims blind and                 
                               Towards dark                            dead bait that
                                 Hang on                                       sharpest
                                    Hooks                                         to pull
                                      Then                                            die.