Queen of Heaven Message in a bottle

Written by: Louis Borgo

If the twelve of night was a castle of light's, 
this be the latern, 
to bless tommorow's light, 
Sight be the reason why you sparke this night. (till dust till dawn)   

My beloved, 
stars and symmmetry match this equation perfectionly, 
if only you could imagine.

that in fact, 
there  is no closure to a distance when it come to you and i.
you point and i retrack, 
because peddles of a foot step last for ever, 
when it rains notice the weather, 
needless to say, continue less to say.
because forever is not never, 
just quick to say.

Like a zoteact our eyes meet, 
you are my queen of heaven, 
even if we sharing the same star through out history it lies, 
I write this message in a bottle to cross the most deepest cries against times.

Cause if you read what im saying, 
hell would be unfamailar to the most deepest fan.
when waves come through. 
I sit and build you brand new castle with walls through and new.
could you imagine that in good time and faith?, 
waiting patienly in this storm could forecast the weather.

Just a note in a bottle sailing away.....

to a house by the lake, 
with the most luxury fabric, 
it found it's way.

Just to quiet the storm, i let my pen reap the labor of my harvest, 
asking will she know is me, 
 or will i knows her, 
giving spade at hand.

message in a bottle my Queen of heaven, 
what second become of hours, 
waitiing patiently.....

i just called it the 'long count period'