Last of the fighter next Level Genchi

Written by: Louis Borgo

Like a blood omen, im my brother keeper, 
Business and poltical is like oblivion it never works out, 
so sit and take notes of why i should be a better me.

MMA is a art a subject of cloth, 
It is once will and ambition that embellish the story.
The strategy, philosophy and history of past fighter wars,
that created this material, as it is unique in its on material.

Once you lost sight of this goal? 
why should one continue the journey.
like fish to a glove left and to be slought by the seagull, 
it was that type of high right?

many battles have been won without a sword being drawing, 
the siginificants of writtening.

your method of show casing a fighter growth, 
should not be so cold of tactics. 
The most intellegient fighter is the one who took notes along the journey.
A average fighter but a brilliant scientist, 
and a sleeping giant indeed.

If one was to ask was there a differents between violence and gore. 
Is there a difference between love and war.
A whole new approach to this timing and dine.

I ask this question from my whole new ethnics and conditioning, 
from my choice of words and from my extension written and researching,
even during school.

The mind is the most lethal weapon, 
to the follwing studying of chakra,
and nobility learning and attraction to a resonace, 
dear lord i have save my save from; me.

from not knowing this teaching from kyokushin and akido,
i can say im a beginner,
still learning,
but i have not master the craft of fighting to its fulllest.

30 seconds or less, the famous doing of bruce lee,
after losting the toughtest fight of his life. 
The fight of the fighter will,
will the transfermation, of the fighter at his turning point, 
turning it into a gift to the world.

They say that the peek of a fighter matured is at 26, 
I am only 23 and still is will to listen and 
learn even more or less of what is of god teachings, 
I have turn in to a refine chararismatic young man over this time.

So what is a fighter-A pugnacious, unyielding, or determined person. 

Nexel Level Genchi only 23 ,latter day saint in the beginning! ! ! 
So i sit read once again....