In My World

Written by: Janette Fisher

If the day ever came, when I ruled the world
I’d think democracy had gone mad
Cos the world would be in a sorry state
If for a ruler, I was all it had
But I’d give it my best, and put to the test
There are a few things I would do
To put the world right, with all of my might
And here are but a few;
I’d make everyman free
Wipe-out poverty
By spreading around the world’s wealth
Medical care
Would be free everywhere
So every person could access good health,
I’d insist that each nation
Had good education
To enable them all to progress
And prison time served
For despots with the nerve
To hold their people under duress,
I’d share out all the worlds’ stockpiles of food
As I think no-one, should every go hungry
For this is just a small glimpse of the world
If the day came, it was ruled by me.