Only God, Only God

Written by: Linda Etling

Only God Only God my Mother use to say When the things around seemed hopeless But suddenly there’s a way Only God Only God when life flows through our hands When you feel you’re at your limit with worries as grains of sand. Only God Only God when we see no hope ahead Fall to our knees in tearful prayer And beg our soul to be fed Only God Only God when we hold that new born child When we look into those precious eyes And feel Heaven a little while Only God Only God where would we all be When our troubles overwhelm us And we pray to be set free. Only God Only God when our Nation turns from Him He sends hope to those who loves Him Through His Blood we’re free from sin Only God Only God He holds all Life in his hands If we look to him and trust him He’ll heal troubles across this land Only God Only God He is all the world to me He is always there beside us Lay your cares on Him and see.