Question and Answer

Written by: Swarnapali Liyanage


I wonder how you could do so much in and out;

How you could dream and be happy with small things

I wonder how you could say to Life

The show is still not over .

Life tries to oppress and suppress

you handle wisely and not depress

I wonder how you could suppress all the deep pain

Inside your chest and still keeps the breasts soft

You are an amazing woman

I still wonder is it total or more!
                  (From a  reader of my poems)


My life is full of sorrows and pains
But I count on my blessings and gains
Fate cannot be changed as we all know
I'm a woman who tries to change this law.
As long as god is my soul friend
I have no fear tattered life to mend
Though my life is bitter along strives
My heart's strong full of anew wills.
I stand every time when I fall down
Harvest brings from same seeds sown
I've  things in my life yet to explore
Is there any use of dying like a sow?
Failures follow  brand new starts
I know end will be sweet like tarts
Don't blame darkness;light a candle
Ridding is safe in a right saddle.
I am loved as I admire the world
genteel heart merits more than gold
Compassion wins a life full of grace
I am myself;it's better than pretense
Profound deeds never turn us to fools
Happiness brings along our own rules
I never quit I aim to  far set goal
It's not total there's more in my soul

Swarnapali Liyanage