A daughter unwanted

Written by: Swarnapali Liyanage

As sky lazily tints reddish purple bright
She resumes own day at melancholy twilight
Her scarlet lips and luring scent of night,
Dazzling smile wake up lonely hearts at sight

No wonder she's tactful on drunkard's prattles
Humbly strips off pure gentleman's prejudice
Though her soul wanders, physique is generous
Heart never cries for recurring love vanishes

Her vision is not a game it is just a devotion
to be a survival, selling life on negotiation
Illiteracy along penury leads sole destitution
whom should be blamed to push her a lewd relation

Look at her eyes! What they want to you portray
Just an appeal to face for another single day
Listen to her heart! What it may try us to say
No difference of HUNGER what we,you and I say

Swarnapali Liyanage