You Are All I See

Written by: Christopher Steven Coan

I dreamed a dream, and there it was
Before my very eye--
And the brisk of summer's eve,
How it lit the sky!
...Yet here I am, a shattered glass,
And wine upon the stone.
In me, it has gone to waste,
The beauty I have know.
What is there to do but weep
For all that has been lost?
They tell us not to cry for such...
And yet I feel the cost.
Every drop that slips away,
A thirst I cannot fill.
Soon, there shall be but a drop,
And yea, the last shall spill.
Would there were another kiss
To take this from my lips!
But alas, she's long away,
And far beyond these ships.
Every now and then, I feel
That she is drawing near,
As if the glass so shattered there
Was all to let her hear.

I cannot say what comes of it,
For I am here and now.
But this I may, for on my heart
I bear a solemn vow:

I have searched the earth and sky 
For beauty hidden there.
Still I search, yet I have found
That it cannot compare.
For what you are inside of me
Is deeper than the sea.
Richer than the finest wine--
You are all I see.