Canadian Rock Music

Written by: Brashard Bursey

Rock music from Canada is as awesome as rock music from the United States. It's like a music festival just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It seems that the Canadian rock stars have outdone themselves, especially when they're entertaining all of their American fans. Out of all Canadian rock stars, five of my favorites are Skye Sweetnam, Fefe Dobson, Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne, and Samuel "Sam" Roberts. What's so cool about Canadian rock music is when the drummers and the guitar players are on stage, making a lot of music and stuff. It's also as if all of us American rock music fans are attending a Fefe Dobson concert at an auditorium just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. when listening to a lot of Canadian rock music, it's like going into a real frenzy and stuff.  All rock stars and rock groups from America have helped all Canadian rock stars and rock groups revolutionized the entire scene, especially when Three Days Grace have made a very impression. Why, if Canadian rock music continues to have affect on all of us American rock music fans, that would be very awesome.