I Dare Not Tell You How Much I Love You

Written by: Rick Rucker

I Dare Not Tell You How Much I Love You By Rick Rucker Were I to tell you how much I love you, That you hold my Heart in your hand, That you have a power over me, That I did not know existed, in this, or any, land, That, when we meet, my pulse quickens, My body, all over, I feel a flush, That, if you wanted, you could, Like snuffing out a cigarette, my Life, crush, Do you know you have The Power, To make me a pauper, or a King? Very simply, you could, Make me do ‘most anything, I did not know that such an addiction, Could make me cry, or sing, That a cure does not exist, Not even if you wore my ring! Can needing something so much Be good for me, for life? Yes, it can, that is why, I want you for my Wife! From your side, I have some qualities, I will not stray, and I am never late, I am willing to try hard, And will be a loving, faithful Mate! I hope you never read this, That you never get to see, That, if you left me, How devastated I would be!