Only Human

Written by: Jack Ross jr.

I have so many emotions caught up inside of me,
There are times they overflow and push me to my knees.
However the part that truly bothers me, is when 
I am roughly pressed by others, sometimes they 
take control and I  say things that I honestly regret.
When this happens I strive to apologize and make
it right. However there are times that no forgiveness
comes forth and this is when deep in my heart and
mind I am trapped and fret.

I feel such shame for the words I spoke in anger and
the sting of pain they brough to a brother or sister, 
as well to myself. Sometimes I want to rip the heart
that betrayed me out of my own chest. To purge
the emotions from it that caused me to fall.
To erase all the words from my mind that could
ever cause me to repeat such offense. However
I realize I am only human and that
it is impossible.