Betrayal And Deceit Aug 6 2011

Written by: Priscilla Larson

Imagine the burden that she must carry,
weighing heavy within her soul.
Lost inside the maze of life
and robbed of all control.

Confused beyond recognition
and viewing herself damaged beyond repair.
Her eyes are lacking the light that brightens her spirit,
left with only darkness and despair.

Everyday her heart is filled with to much emotional pain,
stripping her right down to the core.
Exposing every detail she has wanted to hide,
every inch of her hit the floor.
Now publicly probed, poked and torn apart,
to ashamed to look in the mirror.
Replaying over and over the images of betrayal and deceit,
she has to face her biggest fear.

Stabbed in the back by the ones she trusted most
and then tossed away like a piece of trash.
Disregarded as though she never even mattered,
it hit her like  head on crash.

No premonition, no advanced notice, not even a warning,
just a slap across the face.
No explanation, not even a reason why,
just all alone and confused in such an awkward place.

She was found clinically crazy and mentally unstable,
with a profound misguided sense of deception.
Her world is now voices, visions, distrust and fear,
she is now considered the "exception."