seven wheels of fortune

Written by: mary abdali

oh,come to realize , i can stand only by once kneeling to the ground
 i am humble,this creation of unique, the ruby sparkles through the spine
 earth is a blessing,no fear of death,for death begins the reality of what i am

the tearful eye desires of the passion , a serene touch from ye lover is enough to survive
i feel empowered with the emotions that dwells in  for ages
miraculous powers exists in human form,allegiance to love, life within life

glorious sunlight blinds the eye, the shine of amber fills the soul with joy
like an innocent laughter of a child,without worry of the world,just to enjoy
release of  heavy burdens,with a feel of happiness awaits it would happen,id be able to fly

i came to adore, i came to loathe ,i admired some, some i despised
the love of this universe,better than all my foolish desires
my creator is one,for the oneness of the creator  lives within my heart.

blueness of the sky, is never disturbed by our malice and evil
yet the poignant rhymes,of human mind, makes it bluer and purer
think and create, the wonders to benefit all those that walk this earth
because the ability to communicate, is universal above all barriers of languages and dialect

see the visions that the two eyes always seem to miss
like a blind man given sight in a state of eternal bliss
observe and preserve the beauty ,that surrounds the soul and the spiritual fire now enlightens

i understand my purpose,i understand this life
my existence is meaningful and so are my desires
may He take you to the right path
and enlightens your soul magnifies and glorifies!