Written by: Jack Ross jr.

I put on my finest and set it in my mind, to
win your precious heart. I took great pain and
effort my best to you to impart. Then I came
before you, to laly my treasures at your
feet . I sang to you sweet love songs and
wrote your poetry. I bowed down before you on
bended knee. Alas you paid no notice, and from
my presence you did flee. Now at a distance I
behold you earnestly. Your beauty is so
radiant, your spirit strong and free. I gasp as
I glance at the revelation
I see. Now I've made a vow to myself and
burned it in  my mind, to never give up, to
somehow get it right. I'll come to you at day
break, at mid-day there I'll be, I'll come to 
you at midnight and sneak into your dreams.
I'll never wain or grow weary of seeking
after thee. Perhaps I'll never win you, this
might surely be, but I'll never give up. I'll
always be the fool in love with thee.