Bonding in unity

Written by: jay o'neal

You are the liken to the like, and frankly I got to say, I’m inspired by your ambitions. Your philosophy on life is such a strong vision. Your clarity & class is first rate. sparked by an ambiance of attentive emotion. There’s that peace in your voice that reflects instant devotion. As you work this drab party. Slowly we go through these motions. Never fake< as some would perceive. you’re> just to ripe for the world, and everybody wants a piece. I love it when we touch. It’s as though our skin were as one. It's the way you connect to me within. celebrating this unity with bonding love, it's as though I can feel gods grace above. our relationship as beautiful as it is smart. your intellectual commentary go's straight to my heart, and as it would be you are the best person ever. And I’m not only saying this because we put are money on forever. banking on life’s positive endeavors. It’s more then your degrees that make you clever. And every day I’m glad I signed on. You make the me better & better. We are blessed with loves tether.