Written by: juanita smalls

Mirrored images of ourselves
In the water, in others,
In the window glass
Of the building as we walk by
Captured just for a moment
Until we stop and stare
And look deep into our eyes.
Our souls temporarily in stasis
To allow a glimpse, a glance
Or perhaps a good long look
Of what is and remembering what was
As if we were an open book.
A look back into time
Of the ways we were
The good, the bad, the indifferent
All the changes we went through
Basking in the glory of how
We managed to get through it all
As the day comes anew.
A smile peers from our lips
When we think back in time
Of that special someone
That made and impact
In our daily life, the one who
Kept us glued together making sure
Everyone and thing stayed in tact.
A teardrop surfaces
Glides down our cheek
As memories of loved ones lost
Refill our minds, visit our dreams
To ease our pains, give us the strength
To move on no matter what the cost.
So as we slowly come back into focus
All the memories reclaim their rightful place
Back in time for future detection
The stasis releases us back to the present
And allows us to fully understand
The true meaning of reflection.