I Still

Written by: Chris Garcia

I still hear your footsteps,
In my mind,
As you leave out the door,
I still feel your hands,
Breaking my heart,
Tearing away the love I have,
I had,
For you,
I still remember our little daughter,
The one that died at birth,
And the one we kept secret,
So no one will know, 
But everybody knew,
I still know your favorite color,
It's blue,
I still remember that you cried,
For my mother,
That pasted away,
Before she even met you,
I still can re-enact our first date,
When you made me wait,
Till the second date,
To lay a kiss upon your lips.
However I don't know,
When would you come back into my arms,
Falling back in love with me,
since you have locked the doors of your heart,
And threw away the only key,
That would let your love,
For me,
To steal,