Counting differences

Written by: mary abdali

choosing the path of destruction or eternal bliss
i lie here saving my soul from the wrath of strong winds
though my eyes remain unharmed from gravel and thorns
the lashes save my body, my soul still mourns
 the stagnant mind now gives off a stink
like the swamp on the rock for ages that sit
unable to comprehend the life and beyond
no justification for the things that are wrong
the world collapses before me with a tyrannical rule
extremes of grandeur  with a contrast of no food
screams of the helpless haunting me all night
laughter of others makes me wonder is this right?
drowned in arrogance, still walk the earth in style
the wise hardworking man,cant get off the roller coaster ride
overflowing beauty drenched with royal pride
infests feelings of inferiority in an innocent bride
progressing in medicine saving human lives
weapons of destruction killing those that survive
defeating deadly viruses,curing cancerous disease
unleashing HIV in labs, selling cigarettes at chucky cheese
living in a world full of contrast
i m eager to find a shade of grey
this life is unfair more or less
accept it as it is,its only a test